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Welcome to Oceanfront Getaways!
Critter Criteria

Dalmatian dog

Not only do we cherish our guests at Oceanfront Getaways, but also their loyal companions.  In order to accommodate you and your pet we must also be courteous to other guests and neighbors.  Following is a brief summary of requirements that we ask you to take into consideration during your stay. 
Please note that this Criteria applies only to the houses that allow pets

1.        Pets must be bathed and groomed.
2.        Pets must be treated with Advantage
           or Frontline flea control program.
3.       Owners are responsible for picking up
           and disposing of pet waste.
4.       Owners must supervise pets
5.       Pets must not be left tied-up outdoors
           - they tend to dig.
6.       Pets must not be left alone in the
          house.  If you leave the house,
          take your pet with you every time.
7.       Pets must be over one year old.
8.       Please keep pets off the furniture and
          beds.  In the event that this is
          impossible,ALL pet hair must be 
          removed from furniture and beds.
         (a vacuum cleaner is provided)  There
          should be no evidence of your pet
          being here after you leave.
9.      A $100.00 pet deposit will be refunded
        if the above conditions are met and
        there is no pet damage done to the
10.  A $20.00 nightly non-refundable pet fee
        will be charged for each pet.

Black Cat

Sitting pooch

Gold fish

Note that this applies only to the houses that allow pets.